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Presentation of the French Society of Egyptology 


The founders of this scholar society, created in Paris in 1923, by egyptologists at the time, cared since its creation to ' group egyptologists and people interested by the study of Egypt since the origin until the first centuries of the « Hegire », the aim was to exchange their vues and ideas on all questions regarding Egypt, to maintain ties with the specialists from other countries and with a non initiated french public to egyptology and to publish papers related to these studies ...'(statuts 1923, art Ier)


Nowadays, at a time where we often and iconsiderately speak of egyptology, the scientifics have at heart to well inform the always growing public, to do so,they are sharing their discoveries on ancient Egypt.


To this aim, the society proposes to its members three reunions per year during which, French or Foreign specialists present their works and new discoveries. Following each of these reunion, a report with a complete text of all communications will air in the « Bulletin de la Societe francaise d'egyptologie(BSFE).


Nontheless, the SFE publishes each year the « Revue d'egyptologie ». Known worldwide, this scientific publication offers articles written by researchers from all over the world.


Finally, depending on the agenda, the SFE proposes to its adherents, visits of exhibitions and museums dedicated to the egyptian civilisation and guided tours by first class specialists.




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